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Delightful Rose Tea Gift Set


Package includes: 1 box of Rose (100g, Worth RM45), 1 pc Side Handle Glass Teapot (550cc) with 1 pc Glass Warmer (Worth RM75), 2 pcs High Waist Glass Tea Cup (70ml, RM12).

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Product OriginChina
Tea CategoryHerbs Tea
Delightful Rose Tea Gift Set

Glass Warmer Teapot Set with Side Handle, a stunning way to enjoy the beauty of tea brewing. Rose tea helps in rejuvenating which lighten the complexion and promote metabolism. It helps improve circulation, release tiredness and ease the mood. A secret of perpetual youth specially gifted for mum.

Product Introducion


Purple Cane Rose is processed from natural rose buds. It is high quality herbal tea. Rose is unique as its taste equally good in both hot and cold, serve extremely well in crystal glass, porcelain teapot or simply as ordinary teacup. Drink it plain if prefer a rather natural refreshing taste and aroma.
Alternatively, add in honey or rock sugar to enhance its thirst quenching effect. Rich in vitamin C, Rose helps revitalize our complexion, release tiredness and improve blood circulation.

Product Origin: Shandong, China
Ingredient: Rose Buds
Weight: 100g
Tea Type: Herbs Tea
Tea Intensity: Light Purple
Fragrance: Flower
Taste: Sweet and Sour

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Porcelain or Glass
Amount of Tea: Add 8-10 rose buds into brew vessel (work on the basis of 250ml)
Water Temperature: 75°C-85°C
Warming Up Brew: Once or None
Brewing Time: Puts few roses and steep for appropriate 2 minutes. Drink it plain if prefer a rather natural refreshing taste and floral aroma. Alternatively, add in honey or rock sugar to enhance its thirst quenching effect.

Rose Honey Puer
Ingredient: Rose tea 6g, Puer tea 2g, honey according to taste
One of the most popular Chinese tea blend is the Chrysanthemum puer tea, however rose puer tea blend is rising in trend for its strong delightful aroma. Drinking rose puer tea is a great way to relax after a busy day, as it can calm the central nervous system, reducing the chance of depression and anxiety. It can also benefit victims of chronic fatigue, nervousness when drinking one or two cups per day. 

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture

Glass Warmer Teapot Set - Side Handle

Glass Teapot

  • Removable Glass Strainer (suitable for Flowering Teas, Fruit Infusions or large leaf teas)
  • This Classic design glass teapot is made from heat resistant glass

Size: Length 18cm x Width 12.5cm x Height 10.5cm 
Capacity: Maximum Teapot capacity is 550cc
Pouring Capacity: Normal usage capacity is 200cc (Makes 2-3 cups of tea)

Glass Warmer

  • Stainless steel warming plate holds the teapot aloft
  • Warmer is great for ceramic teapots as well but is not suitable for double-walled glass teapots

Size: Length 12.8cm x Width 12.8cm x Height 7cm 
Product origin: China

High Waist Glass Tea Cup

Capacity: 70ml
Size: Length 6cm X Height 3.7cm X Width 6cm

Material: Glass
Quantity: 2 pcs

Product Origin: China

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