Going Home

By A J Ong

As the young ones seek greener pasture elsewhere, the elderly stay put in their hometown. Paternal grandfather and grandmother enjoying tea outside their house; while maternal grandfather and grandmotherbusy working on the chores at the old house. The black cat sits alongside uncle, who is staring out at his doorstep.While being vigilant for any familiar footsteps, the yellow dog keeps aunt company. Though it has been a long wait, they cannot but to get used to it. Life is short; longing is what left in their lives. As the lunar new year comes around, we shall perhaps put aside our undone work and go home earlier.

Illustrator: Tan Chao Ling, pen-name The Farm. While managing a tiny cafe at his hometown, he too works on freelance illustration projects once and a while. He subscribes to no particular art style.