Buying Tea Products Online

By Lim Hock Lam

Several matters predominantly make up what our daily life is all about – clothing and food, living and moving around, educating the young, and enjoying life.
While in the past most tasks were done offline, in modern days we tend to get things done mostly online.

Like it or not, Internet age means that virtually each and every one of us gets online. Computers and smartphones created a virtual lifestyle for us. More often than not, many among us would find ourselves constantly staring at computer or device screen, as if we are normal when we always stay connected. When we are unconnected, contrarily, we would be feeling as if we are abnormal or being left out.

With Internet being the modern business model, what we buy and sell have actually no limitation.

Let's see what we can get when we go online. Garments, restaurant table for lunch or dinner, hotel rooms, train and air tickets, and some are even looking for potential partner. As long as we can think of something, and type and search it online, we wouldn't be let down.
Internet is moving around tangible and intangible things. What were once thought to be immobile, are now very mobile. They are in fact moving around on the Internet – money, logistics, information, data, and video and audio clips.
The convenience of the Internet covers every major and minor matter in life. And it connects previously unconnected matters. The only exceptions are surely our consumerism experience – we need to eat and drink something, and as humans we need to do our business in the washroom, and we need to sleep.
Buying tea products can also be done online. Just as our online store
The establishment of Purple Cane online store in 2009 is perhaps among the earlier ones in the industry.
2009 was the year our branch number reached over twenty shops nationwide. And we have customers from all over the world. As our foreign guests bought home their tea products and accessories, they have always wanted to continue buying some add-ons.   Which meant online store was necessary.

Prioritising customers' need, Purple Cane introduced its online store. Offline and online, we are always complementing both so that we can continue to better serve our customers.
That way, foreign tea lovers can continue buying and enjoying our products and services, including lodging a complaint.
Petra Duemer from Mannheim of Germany ordered his favourite – Lin's Ceramic Stove and Kettle. And he requested an impeccable German version. When he received something slightly different from what was depicted on the photos, he would make his requirement clear again. Our colleagues communicated well with him, and he bought three items from us. What an accomplishment.
Often buying more than twenty cans of Jasmine Roundies and Jasmine Tea, French lady Baz Ou has been our long-term supporter. There must have been a  fragrant Jasmine tea deep in her heart.
Horacio Flores from Texas, United States of America, loves to purchase our slimtee packs, which comes with a warm water tumbler. Always purchasing ten units, Flores is very confident of our long-haul order and delivery system.
Pavel Cech from Czech Republic is running a teahouse back home, and bought Puer Compress Tea Brick and Tea Cake from our online store. And our online store manager has been more than happy to handle big chunk of orders from Cech.
Finnish Claus Bressmer initially bought some tea leaves online. Having added Purple Cane Facebook page to his favourite, he came across our tea-making programme. When Bressmer came to travel in Malaysia, he also took the extra mile to attend our intensive tea course. And he passed his exam with flying colours.

Bressmer is a broad man with grey hair and beard – an appearance adored by our colleagues as the Santa Claus-like figure. He then fell in love with puer tea, and has been communicating online with our staff to follow up and buy our products.
Mid-autumn festival this year saw another new online sales record of our tea mooncakes.
The moral of the story is that – thanks to Internet, the sharing of tea culture recognises no borders. As long as we make good use of Internet, tea lovers can communicate closely to share their know-how and stories with like-minded friends across the globe.