Little Tea Corner
By Ni Jie 

My colleagues often brought me some souvenir from their overseas business trip. As the souvenir slowly pill up, the corner of my office desk is often full of little gifts from different parts of the world.

Already a tea learner collecting tea items for quite some time, I didn't have a tea mat in my office to arrange them nicely. Instead, they were kept in the cupboard in my room for decoration purpose. And I was only taking them out when I was making tea.

Until today, I have found them a new home – which is my office desk.

I do away with a tea mat and all its formalities. And I do not need an elegant tea table nor high-end tea set. All I need is a mere tea cloth – or even simplier, singling out a paper-size table surface.

On the tea cloth I placed a pot, tea serving pot, and two cups. Simple and ready to use.

When it is time to make a pot of tea; when it is time to replace tea set; when it is time to alter some arrangement – I do things as and when I need to. While enjoying the tea-making process without much restriction, I do often bear in mind and follow the must-have procedures to make a pot of nice tea.

I serve myself a pot of good tea, whose aroma also lures colleagues to come forward to sip a cup of two together. And it surely is an enjoyment when someone appreciates your heartwarming tea. 

When I am overwhelmed by ten hours worth of workload, the tea set is as if keeping me company at the corner of my office desk. Shifting my attention from computer and documents to grab a short break, my tea set is surely the best thing to offer a sense of pleasure at work.