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Purple Cane 10th Anniversary Commemorative Teapot

Collector : Dean

I don't remember buying this teapot. It has been with me for the past 19 years. My good 19 years of life stories is being locked and preserved in this teapot. Every time when I use this teapot to serve tea, It makes me feel that I am unleashing my bittersweet memories through the flow of the tea from the mouth of the teapot.

There is an extract from the poem "A Full Moon Night In The Valley During Spring" engraved on the teapot that reads: Lifting the crystal clear water from the tranquil lake on a full moon night, you are lifting the moonbeams in your palm; plucking flowers during spring, you are collecting the balmy sweetness from the foundling flowers with your clothes. As time sips through the fingers silently, I have used all the memories I collected along the way to form a huge flower bed and let the fondest memories of mine blossom into the most beautiful flowers I can ever imagine.