Five Reasons for Tea Appreciation and Reading

By Cha Cha

We often said that reading and tea-drinking are compatible with each other. Li Ch'ing-chao, Chinese writer and poet of Song Dynasty, was also known to be enjoying tea with her husband. The couple used to discuss about knowledge over a pot of tea. 
In addition to improving one's knowledge, reading also nurtures one's qualities. As tea is good for keeping us fresh and awake; reading while sipping a cup of tea seems to be a very natural enjoyment.

1. Refreshing our mind
With the very mild caffeine in tea leaves, it helps stimulate our central nervous system to extend the attention span of a clear mind. With that we can think clearly and swiftly, and with better concentration we can read on with more fun. And our reading can be faster too.

2. Refreshing our eyes
Tea-drinking is good for our eyes. Chinese writers of Ming Dynasty Qian Chun-nian and Gu Yuan-qing had a comprehensive account of tea's functions in the book Tea Record. Tea leaves offer much nutrition, including vitamin B1 and B2, and vitamin C and A. Which are all essential for maintaining the health of our eyes. Since tea is our eye-protector, so why not having it when we are reading?

3. Enriching our soul and mind
Reading is good for nurturing a decent mind and soul. Reading the lines on the books allows us to earn the richness in our heart, and tea-brewing calms our heart and mind. As we look on and brew a pot of good tea, we are also enriching our heart and soul.

4. Connecting to the world
A scholar knows what's going on in the world without leaving the doorstep, as the Chinese saying goes. Which means reading allows us to learn the latest development of the world. On the other hand, when we have a teapot, we can brew different variety of tea in the world, and from the different tastes we learn to connect with the world. Speaking of connecting and communicating with the world, tea enjoyment and reading are similar to one another.

5. Better quality of life
Chinese writer Lin Yu-tang said that reading allows one to acquire a sense of elegance, and this is what reading is all about.

Through reading we are able to build up more knowledge and uplift the quality of our lifestyle. Writing in a study full of good books and enjoying a pot of fragrant tea, we can enjoy the tranquility and nurture a sense of calmness in our heart.