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Blooming Scented Tea (80g)


Hand-sewn artisanal flowering tea balls
Purely delightful in aesthetic appeal and taste
Enchanting beautiful Blooming Scented Tea in teapot that we sure will impress your guests! The fresh floral scents and flavours can easily last to deliver 2-3 pots of tea.
Blooming Flower Scented Tea is Flower tea. Product origin from China Fujian. The product net weight is 80g.

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Net Weight80 grams
Product OriginFujian, China
Grade1st Grade
Gross Weight300 grams
Tea CategoryFlower Scented Tea


Product Introduction

Tender tea leaves and fragrant fresh flowers- a marriage made in heaven, this is what handcrafted scented tea is about. Carefully hand-picked young tea shoots are heated, rolled, fixed and cured to produce aromatic brew that has captivated the world over. Handmade meticulously for that aesthetic appeal, handcrafted scented tea is amazing as it is enticing. Pretty petals swaying in a glass of golden tea is a beautiful sight to behold, not to mention the palette of wonderful hues. It is truly a feast for the eyes ant the taste buds. Refreshing and pleasantly soothing, scented tea is infused with floral aroma and mellow taste that epitomizes a refined lifestyle. It also offers the benefits of skin whitening, promoting metabolism and enhancing immunity.

Product Origin: China

Ingredient: Tea Leaves and flowers
Grade: First Grade
Weight: 80g
Tea Type: Flower Scented Tea
Tea Intensity: Golden Yellow
Fragrance: Flower
Taste: Refreshing & Mellow

Brewing the Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Porcelain or glass

Amount of Tea: Place a single bud in a glass
Water Temperature: 85°C
Warming Up Brew: None
Brewing Time: Steep for approximately five minutes in hot water

Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture