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Good Fortune Purple Clay Tea Gift Set


Contains 1 Stone Gourd Purple Clay Teapot, 3 Golden Oriole Porcelain Teacups, pairing with a 25g box of First Grade Huang Jin Gui and 2 pcs Mini Fortune Ripe Puer Tea Cube. 

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Good Fortune Purple Clay Tea Gift Set

Product Introduction

Huang Jin Gui

Huang Jin Gui is an Oolong Tea. Semi-fermented using meticulous processing technique, originates from Huqiu, a town in Anxi County, the Fujian Province. It is one of the four special tea offerings of the Anxi region. The tightly rolled pallets of tea - formed with fine, yellow-green strips of leaves that are slightly curly - yeild a golden-yellow infusion that imparts an elegant floral aroma. The pleasant and refreshing brew is soothing, refreshing and good for health.

Brewing Hint: Add tea leaves to brewing vessel until 1/3 filled. Pour in fresh boiled water at 95c, use the lid to remove bubbles before replacing it. Drain the tea infusion off immediately. This brew is not for drinking. The purpose is for unfurl and moisten tea leaves, let the leaves breath for a moment, it helps develop the full flavour of tea fir a satisfying brew. Then refill brewing vessel with 95c fresh boiled water, steep for approximately 30 seconds to extract the full flavour.Pour and serve. It is good for several brews. Re-steeping the leaves in a similar manner to enjoy the tea as it develops from steep to steep; continue re-steeped until it is exhausted of flavour.

'Fortune' Mini Tea Bricks
The post-fermented 'Fortune' Mini Tea Bricks processed in Yunnan, China is made with broad tea leaves. Theses tea are steamed, and then pressed into shape. The Chinese character '福' (Fortune) on the tea bricks adds to the auspicious overtone and visual pleasure. Neatly trimmed, the bricks take on a cube shaped, which give out a special vintage aroma. Full-bodied, mellow and smooth, the clear and brown infusion is a fine example of what 'ripe' tea can offer. It is an easy to drink beverage, drinking in moderation will helps eliminate grease, break down fat and lower cholesterol.

Brewing 'Fortune' Mini Tea Brick is very simple.
Just add 1 brick into a mug or a teapot with a capacity of approximately 250cc. Pour in fresh boiled water at 95c for the tea leaves to unfurl and release its flavour. Pour away the tea infusion, and add in fresh boiled water at 95c again. Infuse for about 20 seconds and it is ready to be served. It is good for several brews.

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour

Stone Gourd Purple Clay Tea Pot

Size: Length 14.3cm X Height 7.5cm X Width 10cm
Material: Purple Clay

Golden Oriole Porcelain Teacups
Size: Height 3cm X Dimension 6.7cm
Material: Porcelain

Gift Box Size: Length 32.4cm X Height 8.3cm X Width 17cm