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13' Yuan Wei Liu Bao (250g)


Year 2013 Yuen Wei Liu Bao is Hei Cha. Product origin from China. Net weight 250g.

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Net Weight250g
Product OriginChina
Tea CategoryHei Cha
Yuan Wei Liu Bao is a red tea of the late-fermented type. It hails from the Liu Bao Village of Cangwu County in Guangxi Province, hence the name. The Picking for this tea is one bud with two to three leaves or one bud with three to four leaves, processing involves fixation, rolling, pile fermentation, repeat rolling and firing.

Liu Bao Tea are usually sold loose, or in a compressed cylindrical shape with a square base. The latter is traditionally packed in a bamboo basket to facilitate further ageing, which improves the flavour over time.

The long, tight tea leaves are dark brown with a natural gloss. They give a coppery red infusion with a pronounced yet mellow aroma, and a rich and smooth taste with a hint of woody. This is great daily beverage with health-benefitting properties. It helps eliminate internal heat, nourish our lungs, expel internal dampness and facilitate digestion.

Product Introduction

Product Origin: China, GuangXi
Year: 2013
Ingredient: Tea Leaves
Weight: 250g
Tea Type: Hei Cha
Tea Intensity: Red Brown
Fragrance: Woody
Taste: Mellow

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Purple Clay or Porcelain/ Glass
Amount of Tea: Filled the teapot with 1/4 full of tea leaves according to the type of teapot used
Water Temperature: 95°C - 100°C
Warming Up Brew: Twice
Brewing Time: 20 seconds - 30 seconds, can brew about 6 times

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour

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