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18' Purple Cane Ye Sheng Zi Ya Green Puer Tea (±357g x 7pcs)


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18' Purple Cane Ye Sheng Zi Ya Green Puer Tea is Green Puer tea. Product origin from Yunnan, China. This product is June of 2018, net weight 357g per pcs. 

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Net Weight357 grams
Product OriginYunnan, China
Tea CategoryGreen Puer Tea
18' Purple Cane Ye Sheng Zi Ya Green Puer Tea

Product Introduction

This is a rare type of tea from large-leafed trees originating from the Lincang Ancient Tea Mountain of Yunnan, China. Freshly picked purple buds have undergone traditional processing including fixation, rolling and sun drying to produce green maocha, or unoxidized raw green tea, which is then steam-pressed into shape. Neatly pressed tea cake with a natural sheen yields clear, bright yellowish infusion that is brisk, aromatic and pleasantly sweet on the palate.

Wild Purple Buds are rich in anthocyanins. Fresh leaves sport a reddish-purple tint, while the dried leaves are dark green in colour. Interestingly, the tea leaves turns yellowish-green at the end of brewing. The tea can be enjoyed as is, or kept over an extended period of time for natural maturation to let time works its magic.

Product Origin: Lincang, Yunnan, China
Ingredient: Sun-dried large-leaf variety tea leaves
Weight: ±357g x 7pcs
Year of Production: June of 2018
Tea Type: Puer Tea
Tea Intensity: Natural Sheen Yields Clear, Bright Yellowish
Fragrance: Brick, Aromatic
Taste: Pleasantly Sweet

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected
: Purple Clay Teapot
Amount of Tea: Break off a well sized portion of tea leaves from the tea cake, add to brewing vessel until 1/4 filled
Water Temperature: 85°C - 95°C
Warming Up Brew: Once
Brewing Time: Steep for approximately 30 seconds to extract the full flavour. Pour and serve. It is good for several brews.
Re-steeping the leaves in a similat manner to enjoy the tea as it develops from steep to steep; continue re-steeped until it is exhaused of flavour.

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour

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