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Purple Cane House Brand - Purple Clay Yao Xian Teapot (100cc)

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Purple Cane House Brand - Purple Clay Yao Xian Teapot made from Purple Clay. The product capacity is 100cc. Suitable for brewing Oolong Tea, Puer Tea, Black Tea. Product origin from Yixing, China.

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Product OriginYixing, China
MaterialPurple Clay

Purple Cane House Brand - Purple Clay Yao Xian Teapot

Product Introduction

The best teapots are preferrably quality pottery made from purple clay or porcelain.

Yixing clay (simplified Chinese: 宜兴; traditional Chinese: 宜興; pinyin: Yíxīng; Wade–Giles: I-Hsing) is a type of clay from the region near the city of Yixingin Jiangsu province, China. Its use dates back to the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) when sandy clay was first mined around Lake Taihu in China. From the 17th century on, the ware was commonly exported to Europe. The finished stoneware, which is used for teaware and other small items, are usually red or brown in color. They are known as Purple Sand ware, and are typically unglazed.

Purple clay is a kind of natural mineral clay. A purple clay teapot has a duplex air vent structure, so it is well ventilated and good at heat preservation and transmission. When quality tea meets a nice teapot, it will release its taste and aroma thoroughly.

After buying a new teapot, the first thing to do is clean all the clay residues from it. Then soak the teapot in strong tea infusion for several times to get rid of all undesirable odours before was used for tea-making.

Material: Purple Clay
Capacity: 100cc
Origin: Yixing, China

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