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14' Mengku Yun Pin Hao-Da Xue Shan Green Puer Tea (±500g)


14' Yun Pin Hao-Da Xue Shan (Ancient Tea Tree) is Green Puer tea. Product origin from Yunnan, China. This product is Spring Tea of year 2014, net weight 500g+- per pc.

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Net Weight500 grams
Product OriginYunnan, China
Tea CategoryGreen Puer Tea

Product Introduction

Hailed from the wild tea region of the Da Xue Shan, Yunnan, China, large-leafed variety tea leaves are only plucked in early spring from the ancient tea trees more than hundreds of years old. The tea leaves are sun-dried, steamed and compressed into 500g green puer tea cakes. The stout strips of tea leaves covered by fine pekoe give a clear, golden infusion with light and refreshing aroma. A lively and flavourful brew, it comes with a very pleasant aftertaste. These tea cakes are also ideal tea collector’s item – they age into mellow and rich tea with layers of flavour and aroma – a sign of a truly premium tea. Purple Cane recognizes this wonderful tea as “Yun Pin Hao – Ancient Tree Tea from the Da Xue Shan”.

Product Origin: Mengku, Yunnan, China
Ingredient: Sun-dried large-leafed variety ancient tree tea leaves
Weight: ±500g
Year of Production: 2014 Spring
Tea Type: Puer Tea
Tea Intensity: Golden Yellow
Fragrance: Refreshing
Taste: Flovourful aftertaste

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Purple Clay Teapot
Amount of Tea: Add tea leaves to brewing vessel until 1/4 filled
Water Temperature: 85°C - 95°C
Warming Up Brew: Once
Brewing Time: Steep for 30 to 40 seconds to extract the full flavour

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour

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