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White Tea Cake With Dried Mandarin Orange Peel (±100g x 5pcs)


White Tea Cake With Dried Mandarin Orange Peel is white tea. Product origin from Fuding, Fujian, China & Xinhui, Guangdong, China. Net weight ±100g X 5.

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Net Weight500 grams
Product OriginFujian, Guangdong, China
Tea CategoryWhite Tea

Product Introduction

Premium Fuding white tea infused with dried mandarin orange peel from Xinhui Country, Guangdong, China produces a unique beverage that is not just flavourful but also healthy. This clear, orange-yellow infusion has a pronounced citric aroma and the scent of tender buds. Refined, mellow with pleasant sweetness, it promises a smooth and round mouth feel. The tea’s rich content of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C make it a perfect cooling drink and thirst quencher. It helps nourish the lungs, eliminate phlegm, and alleviate internal heat and calm our mood. This is a beverage perfect for everyday.

Product Origin: Fuding, Fujian, China / Xinhui, Guangdong, China
Ingredient: Big White Tea “Dai Bai” varieties, Mandarin Orange Peel
Weight: ±100g X 5
Tea Type: White Tea
Tea Intensity: Clear, Orange-Yellow Tea Infusion
Fragrance: Citric Aroma
Taste: Refined, Mellow with pleasant sweetness, Smooth

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Purple Clay or Porcelain Brewing Vessels
Amount of Tea: Break off a well-sized portion of tea leaves from tea cake, add to brewing vessel until ½ filled.
Water Temperature: 85°C - 95°C
Warming Up Brew: Once
Brewing Time: Steep for approximately 30 to 40 seconds to extract the full flavor and serve. It is good for several brews.

Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour

Best Before: Can be kept for a long time under proper storage conditions

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